We cut your international customer onboarding times from weeks to minutes with our fully automated legal entity verification. Comply with anti money laundering regulations and prevent financial fraud using our complete one-click solution.


Find background information about your customers and partners from anywhere in the world and only make informed business decisions.


Verify that the company exists and is active. Identify all the key individuals and associated legal entities. Crosscheck them against money laundering watchlists and find related negative media.


See the ownership structure up to the very last person – the ultimate beneficial owner. Results come in the form of an easy-to-read Final Report where all the potential risks are clearly highlighted.

The team

The team of highly qualified and passionate professionals with a mission to change the know your customer (KYC) industry with a tool that enables fast thorough verification both to business and private customers.

Neeme Org

Neeme Org


Neeme founded Entify out of a mission to help companies comply with AML regulations and detect fraud. While working for a verification solution provider, businesses turned to him asking for a verification solution that no one was interested in providing. Neeme realised that the best way to get things done is to do them himself.

With a strong record of providing security solutions and consultation to various businesses for over 15 years, he has gained the expert status in business technology, fintech and regtech.

Neeme has a strong passion for startups and believes that with the right people, anything is possible.

Lasha Tsintsabadze

Lasha Tsintsabadze

Technical Founder

Lasha has worked on building KYC (know your customer), KYB (know your business customer) and blockchain solutions for different companies. With an outstanding eye for identifying the need in people’s lives, he wants to create products and services people will want to use.

That is why he has such a critical view for identifying the value in everything Entify does. He also appreciates the clarity of code and loves building infrastructure.

In Lasha’s words, behind every successful product there is a great team with analytical thinking mixed with empathy.

Peeter Puppart

Peeter Puppart


Peeter has founded multiple corporate fintech startups and has a broad understanding of the compliance needs of financial institutions.

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